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Glewme City Welcomes You To Experience Metaverse, On A Whole Different Level. Glewme City is the first Metaverse Built using Unreal Engine, Dealing directly with the 

Ethereum Blockchain. 

We Are The Only Metaverse Owned Entirely By Its Users, Our Fully Decentralized Format Is The First Of Its Kind. 

We Seek To Offer A One Of  A Kind Experience. You Can Interact Directly With ETH, While Other Games Are Moving And Changing To Layer 2, We Still Work Directly With The Block, Using A Revolutionary and Fully Proprietary In and Out Banking System. We have effectively eliminated the need for the paying of Gas Fees for every function, reducing the amount of necessary transactions, both in and out of the Metaverse. Nullifying the need for extra transactions that may cost you extra fees, and extra lost time. We realize time is money, and both of these things are valuable. We see the importance of limiting third party transactions and swaps, Even offering Full NFT Minting In Metaverse as well as Sending and Receiving within the game. You can enter Glewme and still maintain transactions outside of the metaverse, using our Direct to ETH method.

We are the Leader in Avatar Implementation, Utilizing our team of experienced and dedicated artists to bring you the best graphics and aesthetics available in any Metaverse to date. We allow custom designs, and will work hard to bring your vision into the Metaverse without the use of third parties. We specialize in Quick, Accurate and Efficient uploads and creations, and have worked hard to build a world that is the vision of everyone, not just a small group of developers. 

We are a small team of 3 directly however we have accomplished a lot in our short time in production, offering several walk throughs currently, and with Full Chat and V3 demo coming soon. We are flexing our abilities, and you can see great examples of this in our discord, and on Twitter @GlewmeCorp, where you can reach our Head of Development Easily, and Directly. We do our best to reply to all inquiries we receive through these channels.

We offer giveaways online and are working to bring a larger user base to the Neon City. We are growing and have done well over 500ETH in sales since inception. We offer free land discovery and claiming features, which will allow users with little to no currencies, to earn and build in our Metaverse without making a single purchase! We are working hard to be the most realistic looking and feeling metaverse. Real atmosphere and High Fidelity Graphics, instead of cubic meshes and zero shading, we are building a world with atmosphere. 

Getting into Glewme, is as easy as Minting a Gen 2 Pack HERE on our  new mint page, or purchasing a Gen 1 Parcel from our market on Open Sea. We have introduced many customs, and even offer your parcels as stand alone levels, you will very soon be able to take with you anywhere, using your Mobile Device or Tablet.

Submit Designs, Have your PFP converted to a Glewme Avatar, even Design your own vehicle. With Glewme City, what was once impossible, has become an easy task.

At Glewme City, we do things differently, because we are aiming to be the Future of Blockchain Gaming, A lot of Users and Owners such as yourself have already found a place within our ecosystem and Users have made six figure returns already in our presale. Utilizing dividable condos, and Masters of Industry cards, users have earned over 1.7 Million in revenue over the past year, without selling principle land parcels.

Now is a great time to get into the Metaverse, with large companies such as Facebook rebranding to META, it isn't hard to find an article telling you that the future is at hand, and that future is in a Metaverse near you. There is no time like Early when it comes to the Crypto world. So take a look at what we have to offer. We are certain you will see the Value in owning a part of the most realistic and diversely configured Metaverse in existence.


I am RYAN PRICKETT, AKA The Architect and I am giving you this personal Invitation! So  what are you waiting for? Get into the Metaverse today! Keep Reading For Further Details and Examples! Thank you for your interest, together, we are unstoppable! So Join the future! Dont get stuck in the Sandbox! 



What Is it? What Does It Do?

Masters Of Industry is the Method By Which Glewme distributes powers to user-owners. It is a wide variety of cards that will allow you to run an entire industry such as Vehicles, Clothing, Electronics, Robotics, Weaponry, and a lot more. A lot of these Industries are controlled by a single card, while others have Competitors Cards, which allow the propagation of  a fair market through in Metaverse Competition in Various Industries.

Unlike Current Metaverses, We put the total control over these industries in the hands of the people, it is the only true way to achieve Decentralization! We have cultured and created these methods, through group brainstorming, not just taking it from the next guy, it is what sets us apart from most of the industry. 

If you would like to know more about MASTERS of INDUSTRY, visit our Discord, or Twitter, and ask me, or ask one of our dedicated Owners, and OG users, who can help to offer you a perspective from the other side of the screen! We are confident, you will want to Acquire one of these Very Limited parcels! Welcome to Glewme, What's Your Super Power?



What Is it? What Does It Do?

RAIKU is a type of Card which will usually contain a Raiku Girl image. These cards are Drop Packs. Prizes are dropped at random to the holders of Raiku. The First Large Drop is Scheduled to happen soon, and will be the largest. After the drop, the card will automatically replenish, This allows a user to collect and sell the Raiku, which will retain its value, or hold the cards to continue to collect the prizes. Collected not only for its art, but for the excitement, of what could be dropped next! There will be a limited number of Raiku in total and they will be circulated throughout the community. A great way to get rewarded, Pick up a Raiku Today! Just as any other part of Glewme RAIKU is now USER-OWNER Owned, and the proceeds will go to the user holding the Raiku Master of Industry! So Take a Look Through our amazing selection of replenished drop packs, and find one you like, this is a great way to get into Glewme and to get a great piece of art at the same time! Want to know more? Contact us on Twitter, Discord, or Find the Collection on Open Sea HERE. Thank you for looking.


Map Mining

What Is it? What Does It Do?

An Expanding World in the hands of the Users!
Map Mining is the process by which Selected Parcels, and Masters of Industry, add parcels to the world of Glewme once all of the land has been sold.

Our revolutionary Map Mining Processes are the first of their kind . Allowing users with special parcels, to continue to add to specific map areas, long after the Corp has sold its last parcel. Only users will have the ability to create and sell Land in Glewme, the rate of Mining takes into account the rarity and value of some parcels and will not effect current parcel values, rather, it will allow new and exciting places to discover, and own!  As the map grows, it does so at the hands of the people, Further engraining the Decentralization of our Metaverse! They are becoming extremely rare and 90% of parcels containing this trait have already seen distribution! It is never too late to inquire and ask about Mining Parcels, maybe a few still exist, as well, some are currently locked into Raiku for First Drop!  If you are interested please, contact us on Twitter, or in our Discord, or search for one on our Gen 1 parcel market, available on Open Sea!


In World NFT Create and Mint

What Is it? What Does It Do?

A Metaverse Born, Glewme allows unique and exciting functions, such as NFT creation and minting, Directly in Metaverse, with listing in our own market! The way we see it, if you are existing in a Metaverse, you shouldn't need to leave to make and mint NFT, In Glewme City, you can create NFT in Metaverse through a variety of Masters and Functions, things such as 1 hour Photo, will allow a user to take pictures in game, and then mint those photos as NFT, without ever leaving the Metaverse! Other amazing things await as well which use this feature, such as Metaverse Painting and Arts, Vehicle Design and Assembly, even the development of buildings and Skyscrapers.  Get a parcel today, see what Glewme can do for you!


Optional Adventure

What Is it? What Does It Do?

With a vast majority of so called "Open Play" Games and Worlds, being anything but, We strive to put the user in control of their destiny within your Metaverse, which is what Glewme is, Fully decentralized, and Governed by owners, we do offer tasks, adventure, missions and more through Opt Ins, which are purchased just as any parcel. Having a parcel such as a 1000 Mile Journey, will give you an option to activate or deactivate missions and notifications, in this manner, only those seeking guided storylines will be involved in them fully, while your actions may effect other users outside of the card, only you will be prompted to perform the specific or random missions. Completeing them on your own time and with complete control of will in world, it is up to you! Missions and tasks do have benefits and rewards and offer another layer of gameplay if you get bored. With an expanding selection, you can be who you want to be in the city of Glewme! So opt in today and see what you can uncover, or don't, the choice is yours.



What Is it? What Does It Do?

Have you ever played Ocarina of Time? If so, then you are familiar with this concept. With Intoxication, a user can raise the levels using various Drinks and Substances such as Meta Cannabis From the Master of 420 or any of the User owned Dispensaries.  Drinks form the club, and a few others. When intoxicated, the world around you will change for a limited time. The intensity and duration will depend on the substance used and in what quantity. Similar to the old Zelda game, where blowing the Ocarina, changes the world and the way you see things. 

This can be used as a valuable treasure hunting technique, it will change the way things look, the way things sound, and allow you to see and hear things you may have missed otherwise. It also has the ability to reduce the impact of certain harmful atmospheres, and the danger from some weapons. What will you use it for? That is up to you.


Abandonment Recovery and Decay

What Is it? What Does It Do?

In Glewme just as in the physical dimension, things have been, and will be abandoned. Since Glewme belongs to the users, is more than just a term we enjoy saying and typing,  Abandoned things cannot be claimed by Glewme Corp. 

Some properties exist now specifically for recovery. The process of which will take some searching on your part, and learning in Metaverse.  If you study right you will learn Abandonment Recovery. This method will allow a user, to take control of abandoned properties absolutely cost free, no matter the size or type.  Alternatively, a certain portion of parcels, will go directly into Decay mode. 

Properties in Decay Mode, are not recoverable, and are instead a way to add realism for the world of Glewme, by allowing properties to decay over time, we add a real feeling to the many maps of Glewme! Want to know more? Get in touch with us through Twitter, or in our Discord, and find out more about this revolutionary feature!


Secret Identities

What Is it? What Does It Do?

In the physical realm, there are individuals who like to stay anonymous, or like to hide from the public eye. As an extension of the opt in for guided play, Secret Identities offer operations under anonymity. We have various Secret Identities in Glewme. Some are subtle and fun, things such as Unknown Street Artist (Think Banksy) and some are more macabre such as Serial Killer, even Identities such as Undercover Cop are also in circulation for the taking.  When a User-Owner opts into these rare functions, they become the mystery. No matter who they are in the eye of the public. They harbor secrets, these secrets spread to every corner of the Metaverse. Parcel owners opting in, are rewarded for the ability to keep that identity a secret.  The owners choosing this path will be drawn by an operation in Glewme called Urges. Urges will make you want to fill whatever the task my be using various types of draw, with Serial Killer for example, Your Life will begin to drain the longer you fight your urge, until eventually it effectively kills your Avatar. The way to avoid this and opt for reward over sacrifice, the user must fulfill the urge. Urges in the case of Serial Killer, will make taking a life, increase your meter for health in a permanent manner. So that the more you find and kill your targets the more you benefit. 

When given the urge, it is somewhat controlled by SIMO or Secret Identity Method of Operation. This will vary between secret identities. As one serial killer may have a type, separate from another, may use a varying method, or may target at random. Your specific urge will guide you in the direction of choice, by listing Victim Traits. 

As a Serial Killer for the example here, you will not target NPC, instead you will target real players, in an unguided method, the urge will tell you how, it is up to you to find the who. This allows for player propagated randomization of game play, and gives the world of Glewme an "Anything could happen" feel, that is missing from other metaverses. Using live players to optimize randomization, and thus effect your gameplay at random! 

If you would like to learn more about Secret Identities as those outlined here, keep reading the Neon Paper, or contact us in Discord, on Twitter, or through the contact option on site. We will do our best to give you the details you seek! If you are looking to become the Mystery in Glewme City, there is no better method, than through the use of a secret identity.



What Are They? How Do They Work?

In Glewme, Sports teams, are a big thing! Offering popular sports such as Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Skateboarding and more, Glewme is aiming to be the Go To metaverse for sports and sporting events alike. We have an amazing array of activities, with all teams being owned by the User-Owner. Played in  Regional stadiums which are also user owned, and organizing conferences, scrimmage, and more among the various franchises. Team owners, will have a chance to cast vote to make decisions on game structure, as well as ranking process and may other aspects. Offering both hands on and automation, playing sports in Glewme is as easy as playing your favorite sports game on any major console. Our teams are fully customizable. You create the logos, you choose the colors, and the name, and Glewme development will do the rest! So if you are looking to attend Sporting events in a Metaverse, or show your skills off on the field or on the ice,  Glewme is the place to be! 


What Are They? How Do They Work?


Elite Future Cards Are a method by which an individual can build a Metaverse inside of our Metaverse. Its like Metaverse Inception! 

Finding and buying one of these very rare cards, gets you an entire map, Custom Features and Buildings, and a lot more! The Elite cards, are the only card other than a Lost City, that will allow you to divide an entire map. With an Elite future card, the holder essentially gets an entire Separate Metaverse inside of Glewme, just like we built Glewme inside of the Physical realm! This is another FIRST OF ITS KIND, feature only available in The Neon World of Tomorrow, Glewme City! This will also get the user in some cases a Metaverse Stand Alone as well! If you are looking to build out, explore Elite Future Packs, one of the Most Valuable tools you can hope to obtain, in the city of Glewme.


Landlords Avatars and Minting

What Are They? How Do They Work?

We created Landlords Layered Avatars, due to requests by Owner-Users, to have a way to represent Glewme City, in their Bios, and all around physical realm Social platforms. A way to show they are all about our great city, without having to have land, or various items or Parcels, as their profile avatar. 

From these requests Glewme Landlords Avatars, were born.  We have connected them to Pack Mints, so that anyone minting will get a Landlord Avatar with their parcel.  When they are revealed soon, Landlord avatars will be a great way to represent the Neon City of Tomorrow! 

When Minting a parcel pack, you must simply visit our Glewme Mint, located at
Choose one of 3 Parcel Types. 

This type of pack will generally contain a vacant parcel, Home, or small building, Most often between 1-5 GA (Glewme Acres) . Although you do have a chance that it is a larger parcel, a mansion, a Masters, or even an entire Stadium.
Minting Now, and for a limited time only, will get you GCC (Glewme City Coins) one of the ETH based currencies utilized by Glewme. 

This type of parcel is a Level 2, it is always a Customizable Parcel. Pre Permitted. It will generally contain a larger lot size than Level 1, will include permits, enabling you to customize it out of the box. The extent of customization, will depend on the parcel minted or revealed, and will often contain a Tower, Large Building, or some other Turn Key Building. As with all packs, you have a chance it will be a Masters of Industry or a Premium Parcel. A mansion, a Themed Estate, or even an entire Stadium! Minting Now, and for a limited time only, will get you GCC (Glewme City Coins) one of the ETH based currencies utilized by Glewme. 

This type of pack will generally be a larger parcel than Levels 1 and Levels 2, and will come with Permits to make it a business, Attraction, Store, Center, Strip, or one of Many types of entry level Commercial Properties, Maybe even an Entire Complex or Dividable Subdivision.  As with all packs, you have a chance it will be a Masters of Industry or a Premium Parcel. A mansion, a Themed Estate, or even an entire Stadium! Minting Now, and for a limited time only, will get you GCC (Glewme City Coins) one of the ETH based currencies utilized by Glewme. 

1080p HD Video copy.png
landlordexample (1).png


What Are They? How Do They Work?

In the Wide World of Glewme, we can see around the curve. So We offer Dividables. This refers to any parcel that can be divided into many. Things such as Condos, Large Lots, Blocks, Elite Packs, Some Planets, and far more than we can list here. When you divide a dividable it can produce as much as 100+ NFT, many have already been distributed and sold. Many more are hidden in Raiku, and throughout the Metaverse, and Some are even Given away on platforms such as Twitter.  Multiplying your NFT is a great thing, So come to the Metaverse of Tomorrow, and get moving with a Condo Tower, Large Block, Elite Pack, or any other thing you wish, it is all easily within your reach, so reach out and get some Glewme today!


Rags To Riches, Share The Wealth

What is it? How Does it Work?


Glewme wants to be the Land of Opportunity , We have faith in the Citizens of our great Metaverse, and we are looking to harness the power of the people, as they are the most powerful part of Glewme.  We believe that everyone should have an opportunity to start. So we have based the entire outline on the 'Rags To Riches' format, whereas, the standard User, can start from nothing, and utilize the Metaverse to enrich their lives, i'snt that really what its all about? Enriching the lives of others and bringing them up in the world of the future? So in Glewme Opportunities are everywhere you look. We believe if given the right tools for success, people can rise above the things that may have grounded them in the physical realm, and start anew, in the Virtual Future!

So there are numerous ways to rise from nothing, and to build yourself up. You can hunt for treasure and uncover secrets, find free properties, that are sitting for the taking, find abandoned properties and Claim them through the Recovery process, Sell NFT you make In the virtual world. Go on adventures, and even strike it rich with no money at all, just a wallet and a will to succeed, we wont hold you back, we will lift you up, so that you can become everything you imagine your life to be, working in crypto, becoming someone in Glewme will transfer to the physical realm through earnings, payouts, winnings, and more!  If the world of crypto seems expensive, so is your time! If you are willing to spend it with us, we are sure you can rise above it. Thats why we are free to play, If you wish to know more, contact us in Discord, or DM on Twitter. We are here for you, no cold shoulders, just unity, and in?


What Is It? How Does It Work?

Music Recording and Publishing

In Glewme, we like to support art. No matter the medium, just as Visual Art is important. So is audio, and music. Glewme has a Masters Owned  record studio. Mega Tune Records, it also has several small independent, Sound studios, and Radio stations. Using these stations, User-Owners can do a lot!

Once an artist records an audio track they have options, they can simply keep it private and play it in world for themselves, they can press and mint Virtual albums, They can Mint the music files as NFT,  and they can pursue a career in music within the Metaverse, be it, Performing at a Club, Performing at a Concert, Or by becoming a celebrity recording artist! 

Using a large variety of Virtual Instruments a user can go beyond vocals and play real music,  form a band, or go solo, the choice is yours. In Glewme all of your dreams are achievable in the Metaverse! Don't wait! Computers are standing by for your order . Thank You!



What Are They? How Do They Work?



In Glewme it is possible to own a Franchise for one of several types of business. When you purchase a franchise capable parcel. You are given an allotment of Franchises, these can be divided and sold using the division features which are possible with Dividable parcels. You can structure the franchises to pay set dues, or to give you a percentage of profit.  These franchises will feature your chosen name, or may be pre named. With Pre Named Franchises it is possible to have the names changed to your liking as the name is merely a default and is no different from an unnamed franchise. Some franchises will include standing locations, Others will require installation of structures, remodel, or other tasks, in order to prepare for the newly acquired franchise. 

A Franchise owner can decide to sell the franchises, or to keep them all and run them alone, expansion of franchises past allotted numbers is easily achieved through the purchase of Special Permits, from The Master of Permits, and other expansions may be available through Special licensing. To find out more, contact us on Twitter, in Discord, or Visit your local Licensing and permitting offices within Glewme City, to see what you can do to make your franchise a real winner!

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