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Game of Kings Knight Pack Mint

Game of Kings, is an activity by Glewme. One of our dives into the PFP craze, and utilizing Landlord PFP. Glewme Game Of Kings Is a Mobile Game. Built on the Unreal Platform. The game consists of card play and real battle. A fighting platform, and a lot more. This amazing game allows users to use Kings to go into battles and join tournaments. Rewards range from GC, Free NFT, ENTIRE KINGDOM ACQUISITION, and PFP conversion. 

The Game of Kings Mobile App is slated to open on Android with dates being announced soon. Apple versions will follow, with no defined timeline at this point. The Full PC activities for GOK will be added to the Glewme Gaming Hub, and allow a fully immersive Medieval Setting, with battles and random tournaments. It will also be the continuing point for Weapons Quest Finale

The Knight Pack Mint Is A Collection Of 1000 Knights and Special Cards. These Will Add Values To Your Knight, Bring You Health, and Allow You To Cast Spells. Each Pack Contains 1 Knight, 5 Random Cards. This Mint Isa Weeks Away At Most. As Of 3/31


This User owned area is located in Space Center, just off the edge of Glewme Main World, and boasts an entire city in a non orbital stationary space station. The largest station in all the galaxy, this station is the jumping off point from the main world when entering space. Buy pods, apartments, rent hotel rooms, visit Station Center Mall for galactic goods from many vendors, purchase NFT from other vendors, shop open sea collections from in world with the help of conversational androids. Ride Space Transpo all around the station and local lots, visit the Stargate Strip Club, Visit The Tilted Asteroid Space Bar, park and retrieve your ships, or fly out on one of many space cruises. Connected to Full Space Map, GCSS is ready for business. Connecting to 17 Sectors and over 3k landable full planet maps, and many stations and asteroid structures among the cosmos, Fly a shuttle from connection points on the landing schedules for space cruises. All of this and much much more! Many prizes are still floating in space. Find yours today! many mysteries await, Dropping Very Soon, in final stages for release.


The Journey has been Long, and Tedious And Finally Here We Are. Glewme Main World Map Preview, and Shops is a massive undertaking, it has been called ambitious, we have been told we could never do it. We have worked through the recession and the slowing economy. We have weathered the Crypto Bear Winter. Now we will release all of our maps and owned buildings besides full customs. Be ready to grab a ferry to the bottoms, be ready to drive the highways, to see all the spaces youve seen in our cards to travel the map and get a feel for what is to come. This minimal population activity is fully multiplayer, and will allow you to grab a friend or two, maybe even a bus full, and take a trip around the world of Glewme Main, Go to City Center to see the first sold structure, a Glewme Historic Landmark! Go see the Giant casino on Cherry Hill Hwy. Visit the Wastelands, The Shopping District, Rayville, Rayville Falls, Bitter Creek, Whale Ridge, and so much more, visit Gold Ridge to shop all of the Masters first shops, utilizing automated Conversational Androids, these shops have everything you need, all user owned they are the hype!

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